Work force: Labor skills and fitness

The continuous research into working fitness around a manual labor job.

This is a ongoing study of trying to stay fit while working heavy and manual labor jobs, because nobody else seems to address this need. Labor skills hopes to better the real world application of strength training, fatigue, and recovery that can lead to a heavy amount of burnout that is unique to the working class.

Spending my youth playing sports and the last 15 years in wood working, I have found that 99% of what the fitness industry has to say to be flawed in regards to the needs of those of us who still use our bodies as a tool to produce a living on a weekly bases.

Hopefully we will cover many topics down the line.

-Why the S.A.I.D. principle leads to normal fitness routines only holding labor skills back.

Chain fusing: How to further apply the SAID principle to real world demands.

Owning introvert: Achieving success, gains, and better function from the comfort of home.

Sledgehammer series: Why I picked up a big ass hammer instead of a kettlebell.